CARE Testimonials

CARE Testimonials

“This community center helps adults with computer skills. I have been bringing my clients with a disability for a year now and they have showed a lot of improvement. The staff is awesome and very helpful. I love coming here. I strongly recommend it. So if you want to learn basic computer skills the staff will show you and they don’t discriminate your level of knowledge, because everyone is here to learn. By the time you leave you will be up to date with society technology (computer).”

-Yahaira Moncada-Juarez,  National City, CA 

Community Partner or C.A.R.E.

“Yesterday I spoke with a resident named Rosa who lives at Casa La Paz. She is a single mother of two little girls ages 6 and 8. She is very happy to have our services on site because her daughters benefit from the after-school program twice a week.

Her daughters have been attending the after-school program for over a year. They receive homework assistance, have learned various arts and crafts, and like to attend the on-site program. Coachella does not have many programs available for children to participate in after-school. The girls feel very safe and happy attending the on-site after-school program. Rosa has been very helpful with LifeSTEPS events. She helps prepare, decorate, and clean up. Once she took the children in the after-school program to her apartment to teach them all how to bake cookies. She enjoys the LifeSTEPS events because it gives her a sense of community. She works and goes to schools and feels very lucky to live in a place where she feels supported.”

– Instructor at Casa La Paz Apartments, Coachella, CA

LifeSTEPS Social Service Organization, partner of C.A.R.E.

“Being in this mentoring program has given me a totally new outlook on my future- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve learned to control my anger and let things go t hat I am not meant to hold grudges about.

I have learned to handle myself when it comes to relationships with friends, relationships with men (including intimacy), and relationships with my family. In school I helped people with problems they have with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, or family members. I give them positive advice and let them know that they are special in their own way.”

– Jessyca, 17 year old youth Living at Northpointe apartments, Long Beach Elevate Your Game Mentoring program – partner of C.A.R.E.

“Miss Angelica Campa (Senior S) has a natural vitality that draws people to her like a magnet!

The residents here at Indio have come together to enjoy education workshops, compute classes, parties, pot lucks and games. These residents have fun and enjoy all the services offered. Even people who did not come to programs and events come now. In addition, Miss Campa is always available to assist residents with official forms to be completed or any other matter that is important to the resident. In my opinion, Angelica Campa is someone Indio Garden Apartments just can not do without.”

– Patricia, Senior Resident at Indio Gardens, Indio C.A.R.E. Senior Service Coordinator

“Before the PeaceBuilder program the youth would play touch football and get extremely aggressive, and competitive. The norm for most of the kids was to bump into one another and disregard the safety or boundaries of one another.

If somebody fell or was hurt, no one would acknowledge the kid who was knocked over and they would just continue playing without considering that he or she might be hurt. Prior to [the program], their behavior was mostly focused on themselves, and students were not likely to acknowledge others during the game. After the Team Leader shared Noticing Hurts and Helping others, if a participant fell or was bumped into, the youth would stop quickly and say, hey, are you okay man? and lend them a hand. They began to recognize the feelings of others and I have seen a lot of these kids showing respect and compassion for another.”

– Instructor report, Northpointe Apartments, Long Beach